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  MyDataCan™ seeks to support and encourage the development of third-party applications ("apps") that assist participants in collecting, assembling and using their own personal data.

MyDataCan™ includes a broad spectrum of personal data, including financial and telecommunications data. Here are examples of third-party apps that help participants use stored health data to live better lives:

  • automated prescription renewal.
  • prevention, personal health advisor.
  • patient health record organizer.

Here are examples of third-party apps that help participants gather personal health data:

  • apps that allow users to easily upload information from glucometers, pedometers, and other personal health and medical devices;
  • apps that electronically gather a person's data from disparate sources, such as automatically fetching prior years of health insurance claims or gathering data from health data portals from prior medical encounters; and,
  • services that gather and assemble a person's health data from his provider using a mail/fax-scan-upload model because his provider does not provide an electronic version of his information.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can become a third-party app developer for MyDataCan™.

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