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  MyDataCan™ puts your data under your control to improve your life. You can collect, assemble, and distribute your own personal data, across data silos, including health information, without a fee, and optionally elect to participate in activities that use your data to improve the quality of your life.

Most of these activities are third-party applications ("apps") to which you can personally elect to subscribe as your interest warrants. You may also be asked to participate in research, but no research participation is required. There is no fee to store or distribute your personal data. You may receive funds as part of separate efforts that use the MyDataCan™ repository. You may provide funds for particular apps. You may even engage with service providers outside the repository that use MyDataCan™ as a repository for data sharing. All of these activities are optional and under separate and distinct arrangements. Importantly, you may keep all or some of your data private, not even visible to MyDataCan™ programs or staff. You make your own data sharing decisions. MyDataCan™ provides the necessary infrastructure.


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