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  MyDataCan™ seeks to provide free database services to companies, researchers and other collectors of personal information. MyDataCan™ provides the infrastructure for the data provider and the subject of the data to jointly share the personal information, thereby actively engaging data subjects in many new opportunities for data review, communication, and cross-sharing of other data for services beyond MyDataCan™.

MyDataCan™ offers the following to data providers of personal information seeking to use MyDataCan™ as a database:

  1. scalable free data storage accessible over the Internet with access authentication;
  2. the ability to have data subjects receive, review, and/or edit shared data;
  3. the ability to communicate with data subjects using internal email communications;
  4. the ability to have data subjects add other sources of data to the shared collection;
  5. the ability for other team members and third-party apps to use shared data; and,
  6. the ability to empower data subjects with personal data control.

MyDataCan™ supports a broad spectrum of personal data, including financial and telecommunications data. Here are examples of database services specific to health data.

A company offering health improvement services can use MyDataCan™ to verify medical claims information, receive information uploaded from medical devices (e.g., a glucometer, or a pedometer), communicate with the patient directly, gather observations by the patient and others, coordinate social services, and help coordinate care.

A research team might use MyDataCan™ to collect and share research information with research participants and communicate with research participants directly.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can become a database user of MyDataCan™.

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